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The release comes with a folder plumeraifaceidentification/tests/ which contains test data for unittests.

Currently there is one test in this folder: the enrollment test.

Enrollment test

This is a test for the enrollment procedure for familiar face identification. There is a folder with image files and a txt file for this test:

  • plumeraifaceidentification/tests/enrollment_test_images/ This folder contains 18 JPEG files with the face of one person.
  • plumeraifaceidentification/tests/expected_face_enrollment.txt This is a txt file with the expected result embedding.

For this test, the 18 images should be processed for enrollment. The values of the resulting face embedding should be equal to the values in the txt file. However, it is possible to get a slightly different result if a different JPEG decoder is used. The txt file was generated using the libjpeg-turbo implementation which is used by most common libraries (e.g. OpenCV, Python Pillow).