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Familiar Familiar Face Identification library
with automatic face enrollment
for Arm Cortex-A and x86

This document describes how to use the C++ library for the Plumerai Familiar Face Identification software for videos on Arm Cortex-A and x86. For documentation about the API and an example, please see here for C++, and here for Python.


The Plumerai Familiar Face Identification software expects a video feed and computes bounding boxes with a confidence value, for each person and each face that is detected. Faces are matched with a face library and the resulting person-boxes will get a face-ID when recognized.

The software assumes that the camera does not move. For the best results we recommend mounting the camera to a fixed position. The software works for any input resolution, but a higher resolution is always preferred and leads to higher accuracy. Although there is a small latency overhead, the extra accuracy is usually worth it. The software works for any aspect ratio, but for best accuracy we recommend an aspect ratio between 16:9 and 9:16.

Contents of the package

The library package consists of the following files inside a archive:


Multiple {target} options are available for x86 and Arm. For the Arm targets we also include files libgcc.a, libstdc++.a and, which could be needed on older systems, see here.

Building and linking

Building and linking the familiar face identification library is identical to building and linking the people detection library, but with the filename libplumeraipeopledetection.{a,so,dylib} changed to libplumeraifaceidentification.{a,so,dylib}.